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Nebula Electronics DigiTV - Where's It Gone?

Nebula Logo

DigiTV Logo

For a number of years, HyperReality has been the exclusive importer and distributor of the DigiTV range of PCI and USB PC Digital TV Tuners from Nebula Electronics in the UK.

Unfortunately, since the start of 2007, we have found it increasingly difficult to reliably obtain sufficient volumes of these products from the manufacturer, and as a result of these ongoing difficulties, HyperReality has elected to no longer import and sell the DigiTV range in Australia.

Given the investment we have made in promoting and supporting DigiTV over the years, this was a difficult and disappointing decision to make, but we feel that Nebula Electronics have given us no choice.

What Does This Mean?

If you are new customer who is looking to purchase a DigiTV device, or an existing customer looking to buy an additional device, unfortunately it currently means that the only way to buy DigiTV products is to source them from Nebula Media Solutions, direct from the UK. For further information, you will need to send an enquiry email to Nebula Sales.

If you are an existing HyperReality customer who has purchased a DigiTV device from us in the past, then please note that we will continue to provide warranty support and the best possible technical support that we can given the circumstances. All we ask is that you please understand that we are no longer able to provide information relating to upcoming DigiTV releases or Nebula Electronics/Nebula Media Solutions hardware or software development plans.

We thank all of our customers for your support for the DigiTV products over the years.

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