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Welcome to HyperReality - Australian Distributor of VideoReDo


The VideoReDo product range, from DRD Systems Inc, gives you the ability to edit, author, and burn DVD's of MPEG TV Shows, Movies, and Home Videos typically in minutes rather than the hours required with traditional video editing and DVD authoring software.

No matter what your expertise, beginner or video expert, you can easily and quickly create custom videos, TV shows and movies.

There are three VideoReDo editing products to choose from:

VideoReDo TVSuite v5

VideoReDo Plus v3

VideoReDo Professional

TVSuite Plus Professional

We sell full licences for VideoReDo Plus v3 and TVSuite v5 as well as upgrades to TVSuite v5 through our online store. We recommend that you try a free trial before purchasing to ensure that you buy the VideoReDo product that meets your needs.

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All VideoReDo products support both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) MPEG2 video, and work with a wide range of input formats, including Windows MCE recordings, MPEG2 Program Streams (.mpg), and MPEG2 Transport Streams (.ts, .tp) from PC TV tuner application software and files from Digital Video Recorders and DVD Recorders. AC3 2.0 and 5.1 audio is also supported.

VideoReDo TVSuite v5 includes DVD authoring and burning capabilities, and adds support for H264 video input, support for editing of Windows Media Centre WTV files, and output as well as transcoding/re-encoding to other formats suitable for portable devices.

VideoReDo Professional adds the capabilities that broadcasters and advanced users need for quick clipping, transcoding, segmenting and normalization in an affordable NLE. With added support for professional level codecs, additional diagnostic screens, CALM/EBRU-128 normalization and VANC caption handling VideoReDo Professional can be used to inspect, verify and tweak files within your workflow.

For enquiries about VideoReDo Professional products, please contact sales@hyperreality.com.au.

Which VideoReDo product is right for you?

  VideoReDo Plus v3 VideoReDo TVSuite v5 VideoReDo Professional
Edit H.264/AVCHD files  
Edit MPEG1 and MPEG2 files
Process files download from Tivo
Process Windows Media Center files  
Create videos for portable devices  
Crop, resize and rotate  
Author and burn DVDs  
Import directly from non-encrypted DVDs  
Fast frame accurate editing
Automatic Commercial Detection/Removal
Auto Repair Audio/Video Sync
Support for Multiple Audio Streams  
Elementary Stream Multiplexer  
ProRes, MXF, DNXHD, AES audio, VANC    
Industry compliant LKFS normalization    

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HyperReality is the Australian reseller of VideoReDo MPEG Editor and DVD Authoring products. By purchasing from us, you not only gain the advantage of having local support should you require it, but it also means that you can support an Australian business and purchase in Australian dollars, with the benefit of a GST input tax credit too, if applicable. When comparing pricing, please don't forget that the prices on the VideoReDo website are in US Dollars, not Aussie Dollars.

Latest News:

* Latest VideoReDo Versions:

The latest VideoReDo TVSuite v5 beta release is available here.

The latest VideoReDo Plus v3 beta is available here. This beta works with VideoReDo Plus v2 licence keys.

The final VideoReDo TVSuite H264 v4 beta release is available here.

The final VideoReDo TVSuite v3 beta is available here.

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