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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to some of the questions were are most frequently asked.

For answers to any other questions you may have that we haven't answered here, please send an email to info@HyperReality.com.au.

Please click on the questions below to show the answers.

Purchasing Information:

Pre-Sales Questions

  • +  Where Do I Download The VideoReDo TVSuite or VideoReDo Plus Trial From?

    The latest VideoReDo release is available for download here. It is advised that you only install versions of VideoReDo obtained directly from the VideoReDo website, and not from anywhere else.

    We recommend that you register for a "full trial" key after installation, so that there are no limits on the output.

    When you purchase a licence, you simply enter the licence key into the trial installation, and this unlocks the software and turns the trial version into the full version.

  • +  What Is The VideoReDo Policy On Upgrades?

    The VideoReDo upgrade policy is detailed here. HyperReality sells VideoReDo upgrades in accordance with that policy.

  • +  Can I Get VideoReDo on a CD or in box?

    To keep the cost as low as possible, VideoReDo is sold as a download and emailed licence key only, so we do not currently make a version available on a CD, and there is no boxed product.

    In addition, new VideoReDo builds and betas are released on a regular basis, so any CDs we had pressed and user manuals we had printed would quickly become obsolete.

    If you like to have a physical copy of the software, the cheapest and best way to go is to download the latest version, and burn a copy of the installer, a text document containing your licence key information, and your purchase invoice to a CD, in case you need it in the future.

  • +  Can I Get A VideoReDo Trial Extension While I Wait For My Direct Deposit To Clear?

    If you've placed an order with us for a VideoReDo licence key, and have paid by direct debit transfer, then it can take between 1 and 3 business days before your payment to appear in our bank account. If your trial key has expired and you are keen to keep editing, please email us and we will request a short trial key extension from VideoReDo Support for you to use while we wait for your payment to clear.

    If you are paying by credit card, or used Commonwealth Bank Netbank to make your payment to us, then there is no need to request an extension, as your payment will be processed and your key information on the way to you almost immediately.

  • +  Why Buy VideoReDo From HyperReality?

    If you are an Australian based customer, we like to think that there are quite a few compelling reasons to buy a VideoReDo Plus or VideoReDo TV Suite licence from us:

    • You can buy in Australian dollars (with no unexpected foreign exchange fees on your credit card!)
    • If you don't like using your credit card online, you can pay by direct debit transfer or over the counter at any Commonwealth Bank Branch.
    • Our prices are usually cheaper, particularly when foreign exchange rates and fees are taken into account, and our prices are even cheaper if you are able to claim GST input credits on your purchase. If you buy VideoReDo Plus or VideoReDo TV Suite via an overseas payment service, then you receive no GST input credit (even if eligible).
    • You do not need to provide your credit card details to an overseas based payment service or website (we use the Commonwealth Bank to handle credit card transactions).
    • By purchasing from us, you are supporting an Australian business (which we greatly appreciate, thanks!).

Common Support Questions

  • +  I've Lost my VideoRedo Licence Key, What Do I Do?

    For privacy reasons, we don't have a copy of the key information, so you will need to send an email to VideoReDo Support directly and ask them for a copy of your licence key. Please include the following information in the email:

    • The name of the product you purchased
    • The name you used when generating key
    • The email address used when generating key
    • The Key Generation Token we issued to you

    You should receive a reply from VideoReDo Support within 24 hours.

    If you have also lost the details of the Key Generation Token we provided to you at purchase time, you will need to email us and provide suitable proof of purchase and we can provide you with a copy of the token information.

  • +  Where Can I Get The Latest VideoReDo Versions?

    The latest "Gold" releases are available here.

    The latest TVSuite H264 beta release is available here.

    The latest TVSuite beta release is available here.

    The latest Plus beta release is available here.

    Please don't download a VideoReDo product from anywhere other than the VideoReDo website or the VideoReDo forum - else you can never be 100% sure that you are getting the real, untainted, product.

  • +  Is There A VideoReDo Support Forum?

    Try the "VideoReDo MPEG Editor Forums" here.

    This is a great forum that is run by DRD Systems (the developers of VideoReDo) and is regularly monitored by both VideoReDo support and development staff, by us here at HyperReality, and by other VideoReDo users. You will find it a valuable source of information and help, should you need it.

  • +  Is There a PDF Version of the VideoReDo User Manual?

    Try the "Product Documentation" links on this page.

  • +  Are There Any VideoReDo "How To" Guides Available?

    See the How To threads here.

  • +  Is There A VideoReDo "FAQ" Available?

    See the FAQ threads here.

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