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Payment Options

You have a number of options when it comes to paying for your purchase:
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Deposit/EFT
  • Over the Counter Deposit at a Commonwealth Bank Branch

You are given the opportunity to choose between the three payment options at order checkout time.

If none of these methods are appropriate for you, please contact our Sales Team to discuss alternative payment arrangements (eg cheque or money order).

In all cases, please note that we must receive cleared payment before an order will be despatched.

HyperReality reserves the right to decline all orders and payments we believe may be fraudulent, and will report all such attempted transactions to the relevant authorities.

Purchasing Information:
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The details for each of the available payment options are as follows:

  • Credit Card

    If you choose this option, we ask you to provide your credit card details at checkout time, via our secure web server.

    We will undertake suitable validity checks on your personal and credit card details and process your credit card payment prior to despatching your order. For high value orders, we reserve the right to request additional customer information, such as a scanned copy of the cardholder's drivers' licence, and/or a faxed copy of the front and back of the credit card.

    Please note that due to our fraud prevention and credit card payment processing procedures, credit card payments are not processed instantly.

    That said, with the exception of a direct debit payment from a Commonwealth Bank account using Netbank (which usually happens almost immediately), payment by credit card is generally the quickest way to ensure prompt despatch of your order

  • Direct Deposit (via Internet Banking or Electronic Funds transfer)

    If you choose this option, at the end of checkout we will provide you with the banking details for the account into which you can deposit your payment.

    Please note that transfers can take up to 3 business days to complete (depending on your bank or credit union), but in most cases it will happen sooner. For example, transfers made before 6pm Sydney time on a business weekday from one of the 4 major banks (CBA, NAB, Westpac, ANZ) are usually cleared by the morning of the next business day.

  • Over the Counter Cash Deposit at a Commonwealth Bank branch

    If you choose this option, at the end of checkout we will provide you with the banking details for the account into which you can deposit your payment over the counter at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

    Depending on the teller, you may not be able to provide the order number as a description to accompany the deposit, particularly if you ask the teller to "key the payment immediately". In this case, you need to send an email to sales@hyperreality.com.au telling us the name of the branch where you made the deposit, the post code of its location, and the date you made the deposit, so we can associate the deposit with your order number.

    Over the counter deposits of cash at a Commonwealth Bank branch usually complete overnight, though payments made at a Commonwealth Bank Agency can take longer to appear.

    Cash payment is recommended to enable swift order despatch. If you use this option and pay by bank or personal cheque, then standard cheque clearance waiting times of up to 3 full business days apply.

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